118 too many

During June I started keeping track of how many times men make me feel uncomfortable, like gawking at me, yelling things at me on the street, etc. I feel that it is super important to let everyone know how frequent this happens and how much it hurts. I have never met a girl who enjoys getting cat called. Most women find it offensive, uncomfortable, and degrading. 

In June I was made uncomfortable by people on the street 118 times. That is almost 4 times per day in June when I was cat called, told that I look sexy, men hollering "ooooOooOOo" at me, or guys gawking and making hand gestures towards me. 

I do not dress to attract men, I do not dress to please you, I dress for myself. This is my way of expressing myself. PLEASE stop making me feel uncomfortable and upset. The other day after confronting a man who was gawking at my roommate and I and explaining that we don't like being told how beautiful we are by strangers on the street, he responded in shock "wow, you really stand up for yourself". wat?!?! OF COURSE I STAND UP FOR MYSELF AND SO SHOULD EVERY OTHER WOMAN! You can do it! Any response is better than no response in my opinion, if you respond by saying "stop" it makes them re-think why they did what they did, even if it does not change their actions it will make them think "why did she tell me to stop?"

Think about that.


vest & boots - DIY
everything else - thrift/vintage
I got this dress a few years ago at Value Village, isn't is awesome?!?! It is actually a halter dress! wooooOooOooOooOoooo! Have a good week. I am going to Fresno this weekend.



  1. Thought I couldn't love you anymore and then I read this post. You are such a beauty inside and out <3

  2. You're gorgeous! And I totally love that dress, so great!
    Also, Fresno?! You'll be in my city! What are ya gonna be here for? :)

  3. Great look! I like it! :D


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  5. 118!!!! Seriously. It's fucking crazy. Woohoo Fresno!!!!

  6. That is so insane! 118! Wow people suck now I feel like I suck for saying your adorable on your last post I promise it wasn't intended in a objectifying you way but in a you come across really nice and fun and sweet in your videos kind of way! Also your outfit is brilliant love the dress!!!

  7. Men suck. Well, most do. I love this. Have fun in Fresno ma luv

  8. cool boots!!! I think I'm gonna pull off a D.I.Y. like that with an old pair of boots

  9. hey grrl... totally with you. i haven't been able to wear my cutoffs while traveling without getting gawked at and followed around! it's kinda unbelievable!!! every time i see you in these boots i die... super space age awesome flower haired grrl!!! hopefully see you soon lovely one! xoxo

  10. Wow, 118? Where I live, that is hardly plausible (granted I live in the middle of nowhere).
    I agree that responding is what you should do. It's annoying though when they continue though (rather than accepting their assholeness). Last time I got called a "psycho bitch" -.-
    Thanks for writing this :) x



  11. Ew. EW. I am disgusted. 118 TIMES????????? WHAT?? What even is life?? That is completely not okay. GOOD FOR YOU, standing up for yourself and whatnot. I (luckily) rarely get catcalled, but I can imagine that it just sucks. The only reason I would be worried about responding to it is that I could possibly compromise my safety (me being a really physically weak teenager and cat-callers being a lot stronger than I am). LIFE. Seriously.

    But just to finish off, YOU LOOK TOO AWESOME. I love your boots and want to marry them. Also, I'm going back through all your posts from the past two weeks. DEDICATION.