Born Free - A little Late

Yello! Remember when I went to Born Free? (If not go back a few posts and you can read about it here)
These are some of the pictures of Selena, Suzy, and myself from the vintage motorcycle event:

 I am wearing:
dress - Tunnel Vision
shoes - converse
necklace - borrowed from Selena

Here is what I've been doing:

Also, you may have noticed that in these pictures I don't have my new tattoo.. it's because I have a bunch of old blog pics I haven't posted yet because I have been so busy. just you wait, my friends. Tonight I watched Anderson Cooper videos, Rachel Maddow clips, Trailer Park Boys, Die Antwoord interviews/videos all night with Rachel. oh and we ate THIS delicious chocolate.

Ok. bed time. One of these days I will actually post something worth reading rather than short little blurbs about my life.. haha. Happy July 4th (late) if you celebrate that!



  1. Is it creepy that I'm commenting, like, five seconds after you tweeted about it? Hmm. As I've probz said, like, five thousand times on the three of y'alls blogs, BORN FREE LOOKS TOO COOL. You all look way awesome.

  2. I love your dress! :D

  3. waa you and your friends look so awesome :DD

  4. i'm giggling in front of my computer reading this right now. you have that effect on me. look how much fun we had! GADDDDD! i miss you and i love you. A LOT.

  5. all your outfits are absolutely lovely! it looks like such a cool event:D

  6. I already told you on lookbook but I can't get over how cute that dress is! XD