Hello world. Welcome to my blog. Have I mentioned often enough how happy I am? Well, it is still true. Happy, happy, joy, joy. This weekend I came down to Irvine, CA to go to Born Free with Selena. Basically Born Free is a vintage motorcycle show in the middle of nowhere, So Cal. I spent the whole amazing weekend with Selena, her boyfriend, Jake, and two of their motorcycling amigos who came in all the way from Colorado! There were SO MANY BIKES! Like, beyond the ability to count them. Selena and I met up with Suzy which was super fun. YAY! Blogger meet up at motorcycle meet up = SO MUCH WONDER AND FUN!

Selena and I had an impromptu photo shoot in her & Jake's garage. They have the best house and garage and everything. Seriously. It is SO COOL HERE. Like.. so well decorated and has this like.. mixture of eras in vintage decorations and furnishings.. uhhhmmm poorly described but these pictures show a bit of the theme of this house. uhhhm. yeah. 

vest - borrowed from Jake
necklace - borrowed from Selena
plaid shirt - from my dad
tie dye shirt - eBay
shorts - thrifted and DIY

Ok, last thing before I go. Selena and I have a brilliant idea: there should be a chef competition for vegan/vegetarian meals. done. do it. thank us later. 



  1. Sounds like the coolest weekend!! Loving the vest! I just bought a denim vest AND denim jacket. Once you start, it's hard to stop, haha

  2. These are such pretty photos of you! The decor looks rad! No surprise there, bc Selena is awesome. Your posts have been really lovely. I'm so happy to see you're settling in and thriving. You rock! xo

  3. That is sounds like so much fun.

    Also their house looks amazing. It looks like everything I want my house to be someday XD

    I really dig that necklace too!

  4. Wow the house looks rad and you're making Cal sound so cool, a different take from its Hollywood/plastic stereotype.

  5. yes! i'm so glad you guys had fun. totally still wish i had gone. blah. you look beautifulzzz i love this LUV THIS

  6. OMGZ I saw your photos on ze Instagram and I was like YES THIS IS PERFECT LUVZ IT ALL. You look way too cool 4 lyfe. Your shirt (the tie-dyed one) just DOES IT for me.

  7. AAAAHHH so great you look amazing and your outfit and the setting is all so fantastic!!! I hope you're loving Cali sorry I haven't been commenting much it's been awhile since I've been on blogger hahahaha but I'm creeping through all your old posts and they just get better and better! Miss you Isabel talk to you soon!! <3

  8. I love your top! It's so cute ~~
    The prints on the wall are so cool

    Monstre Charmant

  9. SUCH a good outfit, and these photos are killer!