Stones' Dragon

HI! Yes, the world is still amazing. Yes, yes it is. Thank you world. Thank you so much. The past two weeks have been busy with Tunnel Vision work. There have been product shots, photo shoots, lookbook styling, measuring, and updating the site for TOMORROW'S UPDATE! Yeah, you know everything is great that Tunnel Vision sells and yaddah, yaddah, don't need to explain how awesome things are, but seriously. seriously. This month has such good stuff. I literally cried when our lookbook Model, Jessi Jae Joplin, put on one of the outfits for our lookbook. It literally looked so good I cried. TRUE FREAKIN STORY, BRO!

Basically yay. Can't wait for tomorrow for all of you to see the lookbook. 

Life is wonderful.

 Here is me at the Tunnel Vision Studio the other night:

top - Melrose Flea Market
belt - vintage
jacket & pants - thrift
shoes - online

Wellll get excited & make sure to check out the JULY lookbook and new products and what not. 


ps I got another tattoo. I still have about 2 hrs of work to go on it that's why I didn't get any FULL on shots of it. -_- I sat for seven hours. omg. seven. hours. SEVEN. SEVEN! WHAT!?!?!?! WHO AM I!?!?!!?!?!?


  1. Nice tattoo! I can't wait to see the finished product.

    another fannntastic post =D

  2. I am so excited to see the tattoo when it's finished! I'm turning 18 soon and planning to get some tats myself, so I've been noticing when people have sweet tattoos and yours are pretty awesome. Your shirt is awesome too. Interning with Tunnel Vision must be so cool, I can't imagine!

  3. Oooh I'm excited to see the lookbook! I'm a fairly new reader of your blog so this is all new to me! I'm really excited though! Your outfit is amazing and I love the punk/androgynous vibes, which I hope you take as a compliment!
    Your shirt obviously rocks, and I love your belt and necklaces!!! I'm excited to see your new tattoo! I like your virgin mary one, it's so awesome. I really want a sleeve tattoo, or a sleeve that has black flowers and vines and stuff, but I don't know if I have the bravery to get it. Then again I'm 16 so I have a while until it's legal.

    Amazing blog love itttt!!!

    xx Eva

  4. cool outfit!


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  5. omgsh, from what i can see your tattoo looks incredible! how exciting! is it lady guadalupe, i can't really tell?! it is hard/painful sitting that long but so worth it!!! the next couple hours will be a breeze<3

  6. aah you always look so freakin cool! sick tattoo bro! xxx

  7. I love you I love you and I wore an outfit very similar to this one several days ago
    Blue jeans cuffed, creepers, and da joy division tee. probably gonna post that up someday.
    Dude the new Tunnel Vision stock RULES. Okay. I'm done.

  8. Holy jeezus you're so cool. I SAW THE TUNNEL VISION LOOKBOOK. AND I DIED. Multiple times, rly. It's so. effing. GOOD. I didn't have Internet the day it came out but then I saw it in the evening and I was like NOOOO I MISSED OUT ON EVERYTHING. But anywayz, glad life's going WELL down there in LA :)