Wat kyk jy?

I am very tired this blog will be short. 
Things I am doing with my life:

worked at the Tunnel Vision studio: sewed some stuff, organized some stuff, carried some stuff, thought about some stuff. 

styling a photo shoot (ALL DAY) for models/photographer/make up artist who need to build up their portfolio
AND I am staying at Madeline's house to watch her dogs

sit around ALL DAY and DO NOTHING but REST (watch netflix, apply for jobs :( keep sending me those good vibes, guys!, and probably sleeping a lot with dogs)

same as thursday only in the afternoon I am leaving for Oceanside, CA with my bffs: Rachel and Larissa to meet up with other bff: Selena

go to this festival thing in Long Beach (go to selena's blog and read about it) and have a hair dying party with my bffs

get my tattoo finished & hang with my bff

I could go on to explain my next week but I doubt you really care. I have a post worth posting (haha nice word choices there Izzy) sometime soon, probably on Thursday when I am sitting around watching Trailer Park Boys, That 70's Show, Arrested Development, Kimora Lee Simons "Life in the Fab Lane" (DONT JUDGE ME).............

ok here is my outfit of a couple days ago (a week ago?)

 everything is thrifted except my button up which is from my bff who I love and miss and think is the only man I could ever marry

I normally like to spread out my photos so it isn't all full length body photos all at once but I am way too tired to think about that now.

OH I took out my nose ring today. NO MORE PIERCINGS IN MY BODEH!

oh. all the flicking off is from a dance I don't actually want to give any of you the finger, unless you are a creepy, mean, gross person.


this is from the title and the dance I was dancing to in the photos:


ps just realized I didn't edit these photos AT ALL. literally. I barely edit them but I do a little bit and these I didn't even do anything to them except resize them. wowza. YOLO!


  1. I'm going to go in the traffic and make a dance. oh do it little kitty, just remember, YOLET.

    FOK OF:the dance pictures are AMAZING. and I didn't count how many times you wrote bff, but its amazing, like justin beiber's space car.

  2. ALSO: why am i awake? i just keep writing the word amazing. why you gotta do that to me? why's that vest gotta do that to my heart?

  3. your vest is everything, i will pay you in pizza for it
    next time i see you we will discuss pizza quantity acceptable for vest purchase

  4. You're tats are awesomeee!


  5. Your style is the best!! I love your blog and u <3

  6. so cool, love the vest! xx


  7. ugh...why live all the way in CALI though???!!! Your Guadalupe art is so stunning!!

  8. That vest is the shit! You look so badass! I'm happy to hear that your life is full of bff hangouts and dog cuddles. I'm also excited to see your finished tattoo in all its glory!

  9. Yolandi is the closest thing I have to a god <3
    I love your white creepers. I have a pair in black by Demonia, but the sole is rapidly comming off. I cry often because of it x( Is that happening to yours?

    Good luck with the job hunting!!!!!!!!!

    The Lovelorn

  10. WAAAAT?! Justin Bieber has a space car (Rachel's comment)??????
    I love you and I can't wait for Friday Sat and Sun and I vill text you right now about plans 4 today because I am not letting you stay at home OK? OK

  11. Dude you look awesome. And that vest is awesome. And your tattoo is awesome, which I've been dying over for a while!
    You and me are on the same boat with the job thing. Except I've all about given up. So good luck to you!

  12. You rock white creepers like none other. I always see 'em with black jeans and vaguely boring shirts and I'm like 'good for you but I'm, like, a fan of printz and fringy black vests and whatnot' so OBVS I LOVE THIS. Sending my good vibes for jobs!!!!!!!! *does weird interpretive dance in the LA-ward direction*

  13. I have been loving your styling pics on Instagram. Looks like you are having so much fun and Cali is treating you very well. Your tat is rad. Looks great on you.

  14. Dear Lordy you're adorable. <3