El Pueblo Unido

People of the world...UNITE!!

Last night I was talking with Madeline about how we should utilize all of our extremely creative friends to make great things happen. This idea was inspired by my amazing friend Mickey, the genius behind The Olsen Twinns (check out the band's web site here & facebook here). Mickey creates mind blowing/life altering shows which combine graphic art, fusion dance, avant-garde electronic music, computer technology, and crazy light and visual art shows. The process which Mickey goes through to acheive this effect is simple; he uses the talents of the resources that are closest to him - his friends. 

We all have friends or people we know who are talented, whether it be through the internet or through real life interactions. We can create awesome projects if we combine our skills. The best thing about being young is that we have not exhausted our creativity. (yet). So, while we are still super enthusiastic about art, politics, rights, the environment, and what-have-you, we should find like minded people and offer a new perspective, or help change the norm with unifying our talents.

Other people have used this idea, it is not a new one - just a really good one. WORKING TOGETHER HELPS THE WOLRD BECOME A BETTER PLACE. Think of your talents and think outside of the box, find new ways that you can utilize those skills and create art, or help raise awareness on an important issue.

Go forth and do this.


  1. Man, your style is so perfect! You seem to be a great person :D

  2. i'll collaborate with you ANYTIME. but you already knew that, huh?

  3. Wise and wonderful words. Thanks for sharing them. You are already gathering people and making the world a better place.

  4. That sounds amazing!!! And that dress with those boots ahhhhh so good!!!!!!

  5. I love that dress, you look great!

    Also, that really is a great idea. I don't know why people don't go forth with it more often.



  6. oooh this is one of my favorite of your looks! those boots are just amazing..

  7. God, I still need to reply to Madeline's email.. I am such an awful person. I already read it, and everything. Thanks for still being my friend, Madeline.

    Anyways, I totally agree with you. We have so many amazing friends full of creativity and good ideas. It makes me strangely anxious, sometimes, ya know, when I realize this. It's great.

  8. Love the dress with the killer boots! Very grunge! Love! and yes please unite and make something amazing!


  9. what an inspirational post! at least i can say i'm trying - always on the (subconscious) lookout for new, inspiring and talented friends :)
    apart from that, i love your boots!


  10. That's such a great idea! Definitely something I'd like to put into practice!
    Love your boots too, btw

  11. I am 20, and reading this post has made you a true inspiration to me. Amazing stuff, amazing thoughts - a dynamic concept that I very much agree with :)

    Also, I love your look! The tatts and the jewellery are gorgeous.

    Followed xx


  12. You are so right. I feel like in general, people tend to kind of look up to really creative people (at least with my really creative friends). So their voice totally can be the loudest.
    Also those boots are too good.

  13. 1. YES TO ALL OF THIS TEXT STUFF. I know SO MANY of you creative peoples out there (mostly through the internet, but STILL) and, like, imagine if it all came together for some giant creative fusion fashion feminist mayhem? Aaagh. The thought is too much.
    2. WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE BOOTS? Ohhh my god I waaaaant themmmmmmmm.

    (i'm actually just going through all of the blog posts that I missed here. heh. creeps).