Los Angeles has been hit by a heatwave and it is SO HORRIBLE! I am not big on crazy hot weather, and I have literally been sticking to my couch, needing to shower after walking ten feet, and to top it all off my neighborhood has become infested with skunks so we can't open the windows too much or else my whole house will smell of skunk spray. -_- 

Oh well! Enough complaining! Life is great in LA other than not having a job. I am still on the job hunt, OBVI! If you can keep sending those good vibes my way that would be awesome!! But in the mean time I have decided to re-open my Etsy shop! I am going to be selling (self) studded (knockoff) converse, and silver boots (like the ones I have (here)). I am going to be pricing everything at very reasonable prices so be sure to spread the word. Hopefully by the beginning of this week I will have re-opened my shop and everything will be hunky-dory.

Here is me, yesterday in the less intense part of the heatwave, but in the heatwave nonetheless:

everything thrifted

Like my hair? I totally love it - as Selena pointed out it is the perfect mix of Yolandi & Ninja (who I saw on Thursday night...AMAZING). What do you think?

Have a great rest of your weekend, and a good week! 



  1. you look so amazing.. i just keep thinking like how fun it will be to show your kids these pictures hahahah (if you have kids duh).. wahh i miss youuu T.T

  2. I absolutely love this look on you!

  3. I hate hot weather with a passion! But at least you look great! Good vibes on their way dear!


  4. Good vibes coming your way ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ that's what I imagine sending you good vibes looks like but in neon colors lol. OMG!!!!!!!!! I love everything about this look! First of all your hair is SOOOO perfect!!!!! I love it and am totally inspired to do something fun and crazy with my hair! You always look so pretty on your blog with out makeup but you really look amazing with your makeup in these photos! And the whole outfit is just so YES! That's all I have to say when I saw these pictures all I could think was YES!!!!!

    I got a new blog you should check it out if you fancy or if not that's cool to I'll keep creeping on your rad sauce style via the interwebs either way. =D


  5. Oh my gaaaaaahhhh Isabellllllllllllllll.
    You look so so so so amazing. YOUR HAIR IS PERFECT.

    Florida is always hot and disgusting and I hate it. Haha. AND I'm sending you all the good vibes. WOOOSHHH WOOOSHHH.


  6. Your blonde mullet is perfect!!!! And you rock that eyeliner so well! Here's hoping you can find a job soon.

  7. AHH your hair. It looks awesome.
    And the heat has been killing me too. I don't think I wore real clothes once this past week. As much as I love summer, I'm totally ready for sweater weather again.
    Anyways, you look rad. I'm totally digging your necklaces.

    Also we still need to go to Millions of Milkshakes what is this.

  8. BLAHHHHH i miss you! obviously this outfit is perfect. and PLEASE make a banner for your etsy shop so i can advertise the fuck out of it. thats all. i love you.

  9. OMG I love the hair!! Seriously, so bad ass!



  10. This look is great! I love the plaid skirt.

    I am up in Portland Oregon and we have been having way more heat than we are used to also. I had no idea it was supposed to happen and just walked outside to find it was 95 degrees or so the other day XD Its horrible haha!

  11. Ughh, I can't get over you. Love your rings, tats, you rock.

  12. i love you. can't wait to hang out again :(

    you are soooo awesome lady grrl... i love the cat eyes and the hair and the platforms and plaid... you melt my vintage loving heart xoxo

  13. God your hair is epic. You is epic
    So excited for your etsy fkdhugfkdjhgdfjk
    The Lovelorn

  14. Your hair is so brilliant. And that tartan skirt.... urgh, GIMME!!

    Can't wait to see your etsy!

    Ava Tallulah

  15. why are you so amazing?! LOOK HOW FOKIN RAD THIS OUTFIT IS!!!! And this is prob the last recorded outfit of you with those shoes, huh? :) i miss you wahhhh

  16. Someone needs to highjack ya and bring ya to me in NYC!!! This is too fucking good. Love!!!

    xx Jackie-o

  17. OH MY JEEZ why the HELL is your hair so boss????? I. LOVE. THIS. You look way too cool for skool. Especially 'cause of the kilt.

  18. love this outfit!! you've such a great style, I'm following!