Olsen Twinns

Hello! So I finally got a job. So far it is good. The only problem is I keep getting anxiety attacks. I have not really had a problem with anxiety before, but they are hitting me quite often recently. Sometimes I wake up and I am sweating like crazy, and I've had really terrible dreams a few nights in a row. Thank goodness for my friends who are able to help me come down from the midst of an anxiety attack. I think I might want to get medicine for them if they keep happening. One minute I am fine then all of a sudden I realize my heart has started racing. Mostly I just try to focus on breathing and try to avoid thinking about the pit that my head and heart are falling into. Do any of you suffer from anxiety? Do you have any tips?

Here is me on Saturday:

shirt - from Mickey from the band OLSEN TWINNS
shorts - Target (kids section)
turquoise rings - from New Mexico
big multi-stoned ring - my mom made it for me
other rings - from Madeline

I got this shirt from my friend Mickey. It is from his band Olsen Twinns. SUCH a good band, go check them out! SERIOUSLY! You will not be disappointed. I used to bellydance with him as part of the Olsen Twinns set.

Ok well have a good week!



    i love you Isabel

  2. FIRST AND FOREMOST, really super hyper pictures. I adore the rings.
    Anxiety attacks can be really hard to come out of, I'm not sure about you but I find I get this particular *feeling* that I only get when they're about to happen, really undescribable but you just know when you get the feeling what's going to happen. The best way to put it for me is like feeling claustrophobic inside of yourself. HAVING SOMEBODY THERE does wonders, also I find I get impulses to move, to go somewhere, to try to make it stop, but you neeeed to try and still yourself, be quiet, go blank. Sometimes I think I need to get away from everything and everyone for a couple of moments and go somewhere where there is nothing in my space. Also trying to articulate by writing down or drawing something or whatever helps, otherwise articulating what makes you feel calm. Anything like music or whatever that stimulates you though is negative. My mum told me once that apparently if we were to try and focus on everything around us at the same time, we'd have a nervous breakdown in 15 minutes!! Scary stuff.
    Whew - sorry for the super long comment, it's just that I think this is something that people should talk about because it is so tricky to decipher, and I find that when I start mentioning it to people a lot more people than you'd guess have similar experiences and can give you advice. I hope it helps and that you feel better. x

  3. More amazing cycling shorts! Me love!!!

  4. This outfit is super great. Also, YAY for cats! AND, congrats on the job!!!

    Moving on...

    I had BRUTAL, debilitating anxiety for years. I'm now mostly better and just have trouble sleeping on occasion and very rare attacks. Things I found helpful: dealing with the underlying stressors that were manifesting as anxiety over little things (this takes time obviously.) Reading Pema Chodron (a buddhist nun whose books are amazing. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.) I tried various medications with varying amounts of success. Mostly anti-anxiety meds just make me super sleepy and out of it, which is fine if you're having a panic attack when you're just at home and have nothing to do, but really crappy if you're hoping for the meds to help you function normally (ie. work, go to school etc.) I found that the natural homeopathic remedy 'Rescue Remedy' is helpful if the attack isn't super severe.

    Anyway, sorry that you're having panic attacks! I know how totally overwhelming and intrusive they can be. I hope you find a way to manage them that works for you!


  5. Well I stumbled onto this site to check out the custom jean vest...had the awesome chance to play with Olsen Twinns a couple weeks ago. In regards to anxiety attacks, I am a veteran and I used to be very jumpy and was especially prone to freak out while driving. The stuff mentioned already is all good advice, the specific thing I would add that has helped me a lot is: stop and sit down, take deep breaths, and figure out which compass direction you are facing. Then try to imagine where you are in your town, and the layout of the streets. Like "Okay, I am facing west and broadway continues to go west into downtown in front of me, broadway goes out of downtown and behind me which is to the east...so north is on my right and south is on my left...". For what it's worth....!

  6. HOLY FUCK! this is so great my love. and Are you at Diamond's haus in these pictures? because that looks like an awesome place. and...could it be...king blue? or some other cool katz. ANYhow, I love you and I want too see your face soon.

  7. I followed you here from lookbook. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. I have a big girl crush on you.

    Also, I'm having a giveaway for a cat face bag and it seems right up your ally...


  8. Yay for a job! Love this outfit and the kitty in these pictures! I have anxiety to, for me it mainly is a sleep problem, but I take passion flower pills and they help me a lot and thankfully are pretty cheap which is nice cuz natural remedies can be super pricy sometimes!

  9. Hey! Long time no see! I'm glad to hear you got a job! That is fabulous. The anxiety not so much. I hope the attacks stop happening. I don't know what one feels like, but I can't imagine its all that much fun. Anyway, the shirt is rad! I will have to check his band out...I hope you're still loving LA! :) Much love, xoxo

  10. oh my god you are so cute as always!! I love your hat hardcore, I should check out that band!
    alexa ^.^

  11. KITTIES!!! Also, love those shorts. And, just all of this. I also suffer from anxiety. About four years ago it got so bad I was afraid to leave the house, and dropped out of college/quit my job because of it. I ended up seeing a therapist and got put on lexapro (which I've been on for four years now), and that had made SUCH a difference. Seriously.


  12. Congratulations on securing a job! That's great, so happy for you :) And before I move on, the shorts are mega awesome.

    I don't know if you read on my blog or not.. but I'm a hypochondriac so I've been dealing with anxiety since I was 12. It only got really, really bad.. to the point I felt I needed professional help last year though. I'm not sure if you should listen to my advice, because while things have slowly calmed down for me this year, I'm certainly not 100% yet. I've actually been suffering with extra anxiety this week. There have been a few times where I thought I was on the verge of a panic attack.

    Like someone mentioned above, I also often get this feeling like I have to keep moving. I can rarely sit still in just one place when I'm having an attack, I can't lie down either. For me, it's happened so many times, that now, I literally just tell myself to calm down over and over again and that everything is fine. I have a feeling that's not very good advice, but it kind of works for me. I've never taken medication, my hyperchondria makes me anxious about taking meds to treat the anxiety. Ha, fucking ironic, huh? This sounds weird, but I also kind of had a discussion with myself in my head once. It was like a turning point, in a rare moment of sanity. I thought about why I get anxious, what I get anxious about when I'm having an anxiety or panic attack and rationalised with myself, telling myself that my anxiety stems from nothing basically. That kind of helped me.

    Sorry, I'm not too helpful. It's so cliche, but time is the best healer. With time, you kind of learn how to deal with the anxiety. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  13. Booooo I send good vibes your way once more, just cuz anxiety attacks must suck. I would share a piece of wisdom if I had any on the subject, but I don't. So instead, I will make up for it by crying over your outfit/photos/awesome cat in the first photo. I like cats a lot. I like that shirt a lot too. meoooww.

  14. Although the difference is slight, this look on you makes you almost look like a totally different version of you! It's you like...without bangs! Or something... GOD this has got to be one of the best grunge girl outfits ever in my life. Or in your life. Hahaaa! Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. NICE BIKER SHORTZ. Dude, you know I suffer from mad anxiety. It blows. My solution when I'm having an attack is to get all Carl Sagan and just accept the fact that the universe is infinite and I am small and nothing I do really matters that much anyway so it's best to just let go and accept the inevitability of death.

    Was that morose?

  16. If you are suffering from anxiety, I don't think medication is the first answer for fixing that. Probably the anxiety is caused by some emotional problems and maybe you should try to figure out what causes it.

    I hope you will get better soon!

  17. call me or text me when you have anxiety :) xoxo do you eat late? i notice that i have really vivid dreams when i eat late :/

    i miss you. i wanna see your smile... my life is melt'n and the worst part is i don't seem to care like i should.

    love this post. you are purrrrrrfect. i like how the colors match the post below... and that hat is awesomenessX10

  18. Isabel! your style always is amaze. love the tie-dye shorts n chucks. you rock always <3.


  19. Hope you find a way to get over your anxiety attacks! (Aren't they just horrible?) Also, cool rings!

  20. I have anxiety. Mostly it´s social anxiety/phobia. A lot of it is because of my childhood, my father was an alcoholic. I´m really nervous in general, and it´s not very often I feel completely at ease. I don´t want any medication for it though, as I´m not a fan of medicine in general, unless it´s natual and healthy.
    Well there is a reason for anxiety. It doesn´t come without a deep message.
    I´m in therapy, which helps.

  21. You are so rad, lady. Where is your new job? I miss ya!