Zef side represent

Hello students. Have you ever heard someone use the term "zef"? Do you have no idea what this word means? If you care to learn, read this post and become educated on what the term "zef" means. 

thanks Madeline for editing these photos:

 top, belt, shorts - vintage
shoes - nike
hot girl - Rachel

Someone asked me anonymously what "ZEF" is. Here is the best explanation:

Urban dictionary defines Zef as:

"South African term that can be likened to 'Kitch' or 'common'.

Zef style has strong 1980s influences and is stereotypically associated South African caucasians of low-middle social-economic status. However, it not nesessarily a derogatory term.

"It's like wearing high heels with a tracksuit. Being truly zef takes guts."

"The ultimate South African style'"

Do you get it? This post is full on dedicated to zef fashion and zef style. 

Also, I am seeing DIE ANTWOORD on Thursday!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

hope you have as good as a week as I will have....