- Hello Earthlings - 

Did you ever thing Earth should be capitalized? I remember writing it as "earth" and then also as "Earth" and one of my elementary teachers got mad at me because 1. I was inconsistent with if I capitalized it or not, and 2. because it is not supposed to have a capital E. 

Isn't it weird the random childhood memories that stick in your mind? Super bizarre. Not sure why I shared that with you.

The other night I played Sex in the City (carrie bradshaw style) with Rachel and Seaghna. We went to Trader Joes and climbed a hill. It was good times. 

what I am wearing:
top/dress/thing - thrifted
socks & shoes - Ebay
floral crown - Etsy

They are the BEST! Seriously. Sometimes I cannot handle it. I have the best friends ever. YAY LIFE!

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