October Heatwave

I moved to a new apartment which is why I have been bad at posting regularly this past weekish! Once I actually get my home looking a bit more like "my home", maybe I will do a little home post.. to show you what it looks like. Would that be of interest?

I got my kitten, Monster, back from Blake this morning.. She is a tiny bit bigger, and she looks a bit more like a real cat and a little less like a gremlin. Blake kindly watched her for OVER THREE WEEKS (I think)! what?! Yeah, he is the nicest. Also I am pretty sure Monster misses Blake and Agnes more than they will ever know. :(

This is from yesterday when it was about 100 million degrees in Los Angeles and Angie, Madeline, Rachel and I decided it was a good idea to go to the flea market? Obviously too hot for that in reality.. auuughh I miss cold weather. Tired of this October heatwave. Speaking of weather, I hope everyone is staying safe on the East Coast!!

dress & belt - Pirate's Helm in Oceanside, CA
boots - Tunnel Vision

A guy selling candy on the train told me my dress looked like cartoon flowers.

Have a most excellent week.



  1. YOU SO FINE GRRL. I like this dress. I already told you that. Whatever. HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME BACK WITH MONSTER and yes please take pictures of your cool new apartment because I never got to seeeee it.

  2. isaBABE, thats whats up!!! and yes, that IS of interest! i'm sure ur home is awesome.
    also, im not in denmark atm but my mother told me its - 3 degrees there. woohoo, cant wait to get home.... seriously, lets switch countries - or be in the same country so we can complain together!!

  3. That dress is amazing!
    Congrats on your new apt


  4. Yay for Monster! And heck yes I want to see pics of your new apartment and your dress totally looks like cartoon flowers in the best freaking way possible!!!

  5. Hey, the print on that dress is awesome! You know what amazes me about florals? They can be created over and over and OVER again but in such different ways that they can still manage to look excellent.

  6. ISABEL I LOVE YOU. That dress is bananas. The colors on it??? Lawd. And also, I would love to see what you house looks like :))))


  7. That dress is fantastic, the colours are ace and I love a bonkers busy floral print. I really like the look of that belt too. A really happiness inducing outfit,if I passed you in the street you'd get a great big smile from me that's for sure :)

  8. my town is still pretty hot too.. I'm desperate for colder days.. and fab dress.. love the look!

  9. Yesss, love.

  10. lol its called Captain's helm but i think they should just change their name to pirates helm from now on. beautiful things adorn you