World Homeless Day

I saw on twitter that today is "World Homeless Day". As I browsed the hashtag "world homeless day" I was moved to make a post focusing on homelessness. Growing up I didn't know there are different types of homelessness; here is a good definition from PBS: "Different definitions of homelessness are used in different contexts. Generally, homelessness is defined as a person who "lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence."' 

Here are some quick facts on homelessness:

I know that this may seem like I am spewing data at you, but really - LOOK AT THE NUMBERS. It is insane how many people suffer from homelessness, or food insecurities.

Please get involved, you can help in many ways. You can volunteer (you can set up reoccurring volunteer times, or do a one time shift), but if you don't want to make that big of a commitment you can buy someone a meal, or carry around granola bars in your bag or car and hand them to people who are asking for money or food. If you live in a big city you see homeless people all the time, but even if you live in a small town or in the suburbs homelessness is still an issue! Please take a moment to research about the homelessness that affects your community, and think of ways you can help!

There are many plans for ending homelessness - it is just a matter of funding and help from people like YOU.

dress - gift from Madeline
vest - vintage
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  1. you go grrl, being all righteous 'n shit. there's actually this big effort-thingy in the tiny li'l town that i'm chilling in r/n dedicated to homelessness and stuff, which is REALLY COOL. I'm gonna go check it out this evening.

    Also, a ton of the people I know will see someone sitting on the sidewalk with a sign about how they need money and they just WALK RIGHT PAST THEM and I'm like WHY DO YOU DO THAT???? Like, I'd imagine that if I were sitting on the sidewalk asking for, like, any money or change that anyone could give and NO ONE BOTHERED to give up anything, even if they could OBVIOUSLY afford to, I'd be really freakin' pissed off. So yeah.

    (ps your outfit is adorable you are adorable k bye)

  2. Seriously perfect. Homelessness is such an issue and the way we treat our homeless is absolutely terrible. It's an issue that has really been important to me lately. Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. I love you. So so much. I am going to start carrying gummy fruit snacks (because granola bars are EGGGGHHHHH) to give when approached for change. I agree with Taylor, too! Especially since veterans are people who worked for our country and are then homeless.. That's just messed up, America. Come on.

  4. You're such a caring soul, seriously astounding statistics right there. Insanity.

    And may I say that sticking-your-tongue-out-face is the cutest thing I have seen in a while ? Lovin' those matching creepertastics with that awesome dress. x

  5. Oooh, Isabel, lookin' gorgeous! You wear that dress perfectly!


  6. You look gorgeous! *w* I love this outfit!

  7. You are incredibly gorgeous and your style is so interestin, big fan!

  8. you are awesome
    love you
    in that dress
    see you soon!

  9. You look fantastic, I love the matching creepers to your dress

    It's awful to read about the homelessness in the united states,
    especially to do with people who are homeless due to rejection
    for being gay/bi/lesbian/trans. It's very sad, plus I'm shocked it
    grew into more of a problem in just the 1980s.

  10. You look so awesome.
    It's really troubling how great a percentage LGBT minorities make up the homeless. The fact that a lot of those cases are from mass rejection and prejudice is bloody sad.

  11. CREEPERS! (love)