Ramble, Shamble, Mammal

blAH BLAH. this is a BlOg.

shirt - melrose flea market
skirt - tunnel vision
flannel - grandpa's
necklace - gift from my broski

IDK what to say. Life is weird. I am visiting Minneapolis in a week, I can't wait at all. My boss changed where I work from the massage parlor to their nail salon. I start on Monday. I got a pay decrease.. IDK why. He said he really likes me and my work I do. I am broke. I am trying to re-apply for food stamps. I am going to miss my coworkers. I have two kittens who try to eat all my food. I love them. I am working on a photo shoot with Madeline tomorrow and Friday. Selena is coming to town this weekend, I am excited to see her. I haven't hung with Sea or Sabella in a while and I hope I will see them.. I hope I will see everyone this weekend. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. These outfit pics are from a long time ago. Hope you have a good weekend. I think I have pink eye. 



  1. ugh i'm sorry you might have pink eye and life is lame sometimes! hang in there your awesome and i need to go cut up shirts and sew them back together again... this is weird but i love your eyebrows! your clothes are always cool. <3 Have a spectacular thanksgiving!

  2. bah live can suck and stuff but AT LEAST YOU CAN/WILL SEE SELENA N SABELLA N SEA AND ALL OF THE S-PEOPLE. So many S-people. sosososo many. and you have awesome friend people who are willing to help out and TWO BEAUTIFUL LOVELY CATS so there's that too. i'll text you l8r when my phone gets charged and i can use it. and what the hell your outfit rocks too. so many prints n stuff going on. lahv it.

  3. sumtimes when i feel like lyfe isnt dat c00l i go 2 mah room and then i stick my head in between all mah clothes, and then i tell mahself dat errthing is ok because dogs, clothes, chai tea, isabel. try this. it works, yo.

  4. That flannel jacket is frigging sweet! Really love it clashing with the skirt.


  5. I dont know why i laughed at the pink eye thing but that shit is NOT fun. hooray for this weekend! why you didn't post this outfit sooner, ill never know. but its a really really GOOD one. love you my love

  6. i'm sorry i'm sorry... grrl we need to talk... maybe something good NO cosmic will happen at the nail salon... actually i am sure of it. life wtf? miss you too... will see you this weekend <3 sending you and your badass dressed self mucho mucho love xoxoxoxo

  7. Good things will come to you because you're amazing!!