thanks are being given all up in here

What can I say? These were taken on a sunny Los Angeles day.

plaid - hand-me-down from Grandpa
dress - thrift
boots - Tunnel Vision

I hope you have a bomb week. I know I will! IT'S THANKSGIVING, YA'LL!!! My favorite holidayyyy! I am going home on Wednesday and I am going to be home for a week! SO MANY FUN TIMES WILL BE HAD! I cannot wait to see my family! Woop woop!!



  1. OH MY GOD YOU ARE LOVELY. I fekkin love you. THOSE LAST TWO PHOTOS, MAN. I hope you have an AWESOMEFANTASTICAMAZING time in MPLS. So glad you got time off n stuff <3

  2. izzzzaaahhhh, i cannot believe the 5th pic. u r so perfect i dunno what 2 do anymoar. brb, making it my wallpaper.

  3. Hello magical beaming stunner of a human, damn I cant get over your hair ! HAPPY THANKSGIVING love !!! Hope you eat your fill of goodness, I know I'll be stuffing my face like a hamster :) xoxo

  4. god isabel. you are a dreambabyhumangirl.

  5. Love the virgin mary inspired one. Super amazing... Happy Thanksgiving.

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  6. I really love this look! Pretty savvy to mix the tartan and floral together by sticking to the same colour palette!

    You have a sick sense of style lady!

    xx, Kaz