I am visiting my family in Minneapolis. My last trip here was insanely planned out, this time around I am trying to take it a little more relaxed and just roll with the plans as they come. Thanksgiving was so wonderful; my cousin and her husband & kids are staying with my family (grandma, sister, brother, mom, dad) and our 3 cats. We all helped out cooking, went to a interfaith Thanksgiving service, enjoyed each others' company, and feasted. 
Yesterday we went to the Bakken, which is an interactive electricity museum. We also went to an amazing story telling/concert that evening. Mason Jennings was playing music and the story teller was Kevin Kling. They did a show together about "home" which felt very relevant for me seeing as Minneapolis is my home, but at the same time Los Angeles is becoming my home.

Last night after the show I got to see my best friend, Jake. He is a creative genius who is seriously the funniest and most wonderful guy in the world. love. love. love. 

Today my family all went to my favorite movie theater, the Riverview!! It is literally the most perfect place ever. It is a '50s art-deco **cheap** theater. It plays movies that are in between coming out in theaters and coming out on DVD. 7 of us went to see Hotel Transylvania, and it cost us $14 total. NICE. 

The whole clan arrived home from the Hollidazzle Parade, which is a Minnesota tradition. You bundle up in all the winter layers you own, put on wool socks, a scarf, a good pair of mittens, and a warm hat. Then you head to downtown to go stand in the cold (20 degree weather) to watch a 20 minute parade full of light-up costumes and floats. Loads of people come out to line Nicolette Mall and cheer on the bundled up parade characters.

It has been an amazing Thanksgiving weekend, and I am sure the next few days will be wonderful. I cannot wait to see what adventures will go down. 

Here is me today:

top, necklace, sweater - thrift
boots - ebay
leggings - MIRACLE EYE

(All I wear anymore are miracle eye leggings... because they are THE BEST leggings ever. just wait till you see my new magenta crushed velvet ones. o.O )

Hope you had a good week/weekend/Thanksgiving.



  1. Very cool look!

  2. You look so cool as ever. Hope your thanksgiving went well, xx

  3. This outfit is freaking awesome. I love the leggings but I've been drooling over those on Miracle Eye for a while now...
    Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving! It sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. you were wearing those leggings last time i saw you :) awwww

    missss you... glad you are having a blast :) xoxoxo

  5. WHAT!? I want to be part of this fun (and evidently very cheap and awesome) tradition! God, Minnesota sounds way fun. BB!!!! You look amazeballz in my our leggings. I'm SO glad you like the magenta crushed velvet ones :)

  6. omg 'STALKING OPTIONS' in all caps lol i fokken luv u

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  8. Super badass, you're incredibly stunning - love it!!!