Camo City - Dig It.

If I were ever to make an "Everyday Outfit" post this would be it. I basically live in this camo sweatshirt that I found at Value Village this winter. I don't have many pants but these are one pair that I wear often. I spray painted them last year and they came out better than expected and I kind of doubt I would ever be able to duplicate them. These boots.. OoooH these boots. They are probably my favorite pair of shoes. I got them for $17 including shipping off of ebay around the same time I spray painted the pants. They are amazing - knock off **platform** timberlands.

sweatshirt & choker - thrifted
pants - DIY
boots - ebay

You should probably go to google and type in camo and see the most common searches that go after "camo" (camo wedding dress, camo prom dress, all very good things)

Enjoy this while picturing a person with their hands glued to their sides - their whole body straight as a board - bouncing up and down as it plays:



  1. whYyYyyYyYy so perfecTtTtTt ?!?!??!

  2. Great look! (:

  3. WELL i wish i looked this cool in my ~everyday clothing~. Why is ur face so cute? idk u rock <33

  4. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  5. omg why are you so cool. GREAT STYLE !!!