Today on the bus I was thinking about fashion and how people dress from different decades - and people who dress like the early 2000's are probably just on the tip of where "fashion trends" are going to be soon. You know how it's popular for people to dress in 90's kind of clothes right now. Well I was thinking maybe if the people who are dressing like the 2000's are in the know of what's to come.. what if you just started wearing what's popular now as a sort of like pre-pre-fad-fad? You know?

everything is vintage

Guess what? My birthday is coming up.



  1. Hahah I've had that exact same idea since high school. I actually brought Doc Martens back in 2008, after I wore them, EVERYONE started buying a pair. I had the classic black "rock n rolla'" ones though, not those new fruity ones. But I remember thinking back in high school, "All the people who are embarrassed by their childhood fashion scene are going to start wearing it." Sure enough, it happened.


  2. you are FABULOUS!!
    <3 <3


  3. I think you're pure amazing!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. that is a beautiful dress<3 just the way youve paired it with the bright blue leggings/tights!! ahh so perff gurll

  5. Haha, from a trend-nerd point of view: things are said to move in 20 year cycles, as the people who are deciding the trends (designers/marketers/buyers/etc) are hitting the point of becoming nostalgic about their childhood and growing up. Hence, right now the 90s are in because these influencers are now 25-30. However, influencers are becoming younger nowadays and also everything is moving much faster thanks to the internet so you might be right in thinking the 2000s will be in again soon. I can't wait to pull out my stretchy denim pedal pusher-cum-skirt game again.

  6. Where are these gorgeous pink & yellow walls (that you're stood in front of) from?

  7. I am so glad to see your post, my wonderful and inspiring friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. Awesome post and thanks for sharing! Your posts are very entertaining!
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  9. yes yes yes. i have totally thought about the same thing. which makes me wonder if I should start collecting/hoarding the "trends" of today and in 10 years be like..."yup, good decision Selena."