Hello. Yesterday was my 21st birthday. 

top - vintage
leggings - Miracle Eye
socks - ebay
boots - hand me downs

Ok. Look - if you like leggings I would RLY suggest you get a pair of these because I literally wear them every other day.. They are high waisted and rly long (although I did get custom measurements.. but yeah they fit me like a gem) they are crazy comfortable and SO PRETTY! but if you are boring there are also the exact same kind in black.. and a diff kind of fabric but still crushed velvet in a grey/silver color selection. These ones are literally my favorite piece of clothing.. like wow. I wake up in the morning and I don't know what to wear I just put these on and I am like "oh yeah, life is gonna be ok today". 

Find them here and the black kind here.



  1. Happy Bday bebe...Here's wishing you a year filled with colourful leggings and kitty-cats xxx

  2. you are so much cooler than i was when i was 21. i love u. Miracle eye leggings forevaaaa