So Long, Tutti Frutti

Hiya human. 

My mind is weird. Sometimes I have no idea how I got to a thought. I often wake myself from my thoughts when I hear myself making noises or feel my face contorting into strange faces. When I realize how bizarre I must look/sound to an outsider I often take a picture or video of this moment and send it to Larissa. She has many of my weird faces and videos documented.. Often ending in a text reading "What is life?".

These pics were taken on my birthday which was March 31st. 

button down, jacket, and dress - vintage
tights - we love colors
boots - hand me down

One evening as I got up from eating dinner I muttered to myself "so long tutti frutti". I have no idea why. 



  1. das bcuz ur AWESOME. ily lil bb <3

  2. I'm all about this post, I know the feeling only too well.


  3. I <3 the candy stripes. I often have conversations with myself in my head whilst walking down the street, facial expressions and all.. is that what you mean? And don't we all feel weird?.. That's why we hit the internet to find ~*like minded people*~

  4. perfect pastel dream grrl xoxoxoxo

  5. happy super belated birthday! your outfit is awesome

  6. <3funny faces, I do the same!