You Don't Own Me

Last night my whole family came over for dinner (ages 21-85). Somehow we got onto the subject of cat calls, and men following women around. All of the women around the table told stories of some of the worse experiences we had; being followed all night on a road trip by a truck driver, being flashed while walking around a lake, being followed and yelled at for not paying attention to the creepy follower… These stories are familiar to women of all demographics and it is disgusting. It is also horrible how many men do not even realize that this happens on a daily basis to women. It is not ok to holler at someone while they are minding their own business, it is not ok to make sexual advances to strangers on the street, it is not ok to cat call,  and it is not ok to continue making advances when they have clearly not been reciprocated.


alien beanie - Owlephant Vintage
kitty sweater - vintage
leggings - Miracle Eye
shoes - Demoni




  1. You look so pretty! The sweater is cute! :3

  2. Patriarchy: Burn it to the ground!
    You look adorable, love the hair and leggings.
    Becky :)

  3. I like your thoughts :) It's good for women to share their experiences and raise awareness..

    Awesome outfit. Those creepers are divine.

    Tea For Two

  4. Great Look, Iz. Great colors for you. Saw this version of you dont own me on UTube. Crazy ladies.

  5. ew some nasty ass dude did this to me when i was taking outfit photos the other day. he slowed down his car and fuckin FLICKED his tongue AT ME. disgusted.

    ps. you have the best eyes ever

  6. This post is so so perfect. Seriously. Smash the patriarchy INDEED.

  7. This absolutely rocks!! I agree with you so much - from when I was like 12 and walking home from school I got cat called because I was walking down a main road. I mean who does that to a 12 year old??? How sick can people be? They probably do it just for some idiotic fun with their friends but that makes an innocent young person feel vulnerable and afraid. Their sense of safety is at the expense of what you think is a harmless joke, because they have no idea if you really are a serious sexual predator (which is a very valid possibility). The thing that's most annoying is that it will now continue for the rest of my life.
    On a more positive note, I adore your outfit, and that song is one of my favourites <3

  8. I find this topic funny, because I never get ANY cat calls- whilst my (male) partner gets LOADS! I must have a screwface or something lol xD

    The other day he was was walking & these tween girls were cat calling at him, even though he's old enough to be their dad! Aaand he was walking around the lake when some woman (with friends) exclaimed that she was going to marry him >=[

    Now I probably find it funny because, at 6ft2, he can pretty much look after himself. That said though, it must be incredibly irritating- anyone who acts like they own someone else (especially a stranger in public) is a Grade A Idiot -.-

  9. you got a creative sense of style <3 i love every bit of it!

  10. I. Love. That. Song.

    I feel great every time I hear it.

    And your blue hair plus pink beanie equals such a vibrant fun vibe!