I am sitting in my tree-house bedroom. Windows on either side reveal the new spring forestation. Holiday lights twinkle around the perimeter of the ceiling (which has many dips and alcoves). Two extra long twin foam mattresses have been combined to create one large bed. Tapestries drape above the bed and family pictures take up one whole wall. There are far too many Guadalupe candles and pictures to count. Two old, crackly speakers are perched on the floor blasting pop from the 60s.

 The skies have released a massive thunderstorm; trees are swaying, sheets of rain pouring down the roof, water sprays through the screen windows. As I admire my personal hideout and the storm that is brewing I cannot help but think that the weather has not been natural. Global climate change has strongly affected Minnesota. Last year we hardly had any snow at all, and this year we had blizzards in mid may, and now we are having hot weather one day and cold the next.

It makes me sick to realize that the world IS changing, it IS being hurt by us everyday. It also frustrates me that people acknowledge global warming and then get in their car and drive off to the gas station. I realize that it is hard to make a 180 switch, but I wish people would try more.

Carpool! Take the bus! Walk! Bike! Scooter! Rollerblade!

All of these modes of transportation are good - take in the scenery, get exercise, feel good about not hurting your environment! These are easy things to add to/change about your daily routines. Obviously there are MANY ways to help, I ask you to please add or change one aspect of your life to benefit the environment. It will not only help the world, but you will feel better about yourself for doing so!

sweater - grandpa
bell bottoms - gift from Kali
necklace - gift from Madeline
shoes - vintage



  1. Well aren't you just way to perfect. FOR REALZ. Such perfect outfit, and I completely agree on the whole global climate issue. It's not even an issue. It's a fucking problem and the consequences are all over us and have been for a long time. Makes me frustrated when people refuse to understand. But you understand, so I love you even more now.

  2. Lovely pants! *____*

  3. Your bell bottoms, oh my! I think I'm in love!

  4. the whole climate change issue/problem makes me so depressed to think about. i guess i am just pessimistic but i feel like there is nothing that we can really do.. wahhh :(

  5. Love your sweater!
    Here in Amsterdam a lot of people ONLY ride by bike. I love it!

  6. The future of the planet makes me very anxious ! It's just so sad that we abuse of its treasures... Well, on a happier note, I love reading your blog and that outfit is perfect !

  7. Love this outfit wish I could pull of something like this but I'll leave that to you!

    Yes totally agree, I am trying to do my bit but sometimes laziness gets in the way. Damn you laziness begone soo I shall keep on taking baby steps to do my bit for the planet!

  8. cool sweater! love your blog, we have the same inspirations!!