Big Trip

I just took a train trip across the United States which was an amazing experience. I have wanted to travel by train for a while and so when I decided to visit Los Angeles I came to the conclusion that it would be best to do so via train. I took the train from Minneapolis, MN all the way to Portland, OR. That part of the trip took 2 and a half days. After arriving in Portland, OR I had rushed visits with friends and family, and left the following afternoon. I took the train from Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA which took just over one full day of travel.

If you follow my Instagram you will have seen some of the amazing views I passed. It was such a nice way to travel. I watched the world go by, listened to music, rested, and was inspired. I've always lived in cities and so it is quite refreshing to not see buildings, people, cars, buses, trash, cement… everywhere you look. I wish I could have spent longer in many places I went through. Wouldn't it be nice to have a big commune of feminist bloggers in the middle of nowhere? Even if it was just like a cabin we would all go to.. it would be so wonderful.

Now I am in LA and ready for the next part of this journey.

everything is vintage

The adventure goes on!


ps these photos are from a little while ago.. slow blogger!


  1. omgzxahjsbfouyewnfnndjd, BEST OUTFIT EVER, uheunafjapkwuhqunn, ESPECIALLY THE SHIRT UNDERNEATH, BUT I GUESS U ALREADY KNOW MY FEELINGS ABOUT THAT, wiuhiwuefuwnpepldqååååå

  2. Cross country roadtrips are life-changing and awe-inspiring. Turns out we live in a beautiful and varied nation. I just rode the train from Milwaukee to Minneapolis and I dug that mode of transport so much. We should hang out when you're home!
    -Rachel Q

  3. You're so lucky ! One of my dreams is to go travel all the states of the United States ! Love your outfit and your hair, as usual ! xo

  4. I would seriously love to take a train journey across the states. I am sincerely jealous of this experience and also of your hair.

    You look stupidly lovely in those turn-ups. :)

  5. Love everything.

  6. You are beautiful!
    Thanks for your continued support.
    I just wanted to let you know I changed my blog from KlothCulture to SimplyShamime if you could follow me over there I would LOVE it!

  7. Gangsta overload :) Great outfit!

  8. rad outfit!!
    and i really love the necklace

  9. Hi there! I follow you on Vine and on Instagram and Twitter, (I'm not a stalker, I swear!) and I just had to point out that you're literally one of the most coolest people ever! I LOVE your sense of style and I really admire your confidence too <3
    And I'm really glad that you're a fellow avid feminist too! I recently wrote a blog post regarding the whole issue of "girl hate", it would be great to know what you think :)

  10. I love your necklace - it looks so jangely xx

  11. great blog ANita! and ’twas great to meet you tonight too!