American Deadstocck

WOOF. This post is a bit longer than usual so thanks for sticking with me if you read all of it!!

I barely ever buy clothes that are not from thrift or vintage stores - BUT there are a few exceptions. I love supporting small businesses that make their clothes locally. That's why I was super stoked when the people at American Deadstock contacted me about working for them. As of Monday I have started managing social media for American Deadstock. 

American Deadstock is based out of Brooklyn, NY and all of their clothes are either vintage deadstock or made in the US (a perfect combo). They were already one of the only online shops that I check regularly for updated stock. (Actually, one of my posts in May I listed some of their items as good summer essentials). So, obviously I am super thrilled about this opportunity!

The other day:

everything is vintage - except dress is from an Armenian shop

Here are my top 3 favorite items:
(click images to be directed to them on the site)

Check out these links to see some of the stuff I have started doing:



  1. Very colorful outfit ! I wish I could dress more vintage/thrift store but I can't find any "good" store in my area ! Really love the skirt from your favorites item ! xx Much love from Montréal !

  2. Aaaah congratulations! Super cool position, and so awesome it's for a brand you believe in.

  3. You're beautiful, love your blog!

  4. wait are you KIDDING ME, I LOVE THAT BRAND. I have soooo much of their stuff on my wish list!!! this one has been on my list since forever:

    congrats bb, you deserve it and ily!

  5. Isabel, you are so freaking gorgeous, inside and out. So stoked you're working for this brand! Congrats!!