Black and White and Red All Over

On my train ride to Portland I had two chairs to myself almost the whole way. The first night I sat next to a girl going from Chicago to Portland. She is an artist and is attending art school in Chicago. We didn't talk much but we did eat granola bars together. 

When I had two seats to myself I sat next to the window so I could watch the world go by. I really shouldn't have brought my computer at all on my trip - I think I used it maybe three times? I liked every part of the country we saw. We went through plains for a while, and some farms, then a bit more hilly and slowly transforming into mountains and green forests. I enjoyed seeing little towns and trailer parks - I think it would be great to have a blogger trailer park. Don't you think? 

Here I am before I even left:

everything is vintage

 I am really into the red and black and white situation going on here.