Going Home

I am currently at the Los Angeles airport waiting for my plane to go back home to Minneapolis. This trip went by so quickly. Every part of it was really great. Maybe I will go into more depth later but for now I am exhausted and can't type anything much. Thank goodness I wrote a bit of a post and edited these photos on the train two weeks ago so I can just use them here:

hat, jacket, top - vintage
skirt - **~Heartbreaker~** (lol do u get it)
legging/tights - gift from mom :)

I have never really been a hat person - I always felt so awkward in them but I think it was because I never found the *right* hat. I saw my friend wearing this big floppy black hat in some photos at a beach and she was wearing a tie die dress and some kind of flawy shawl-thing too, I think. Then it hit me. I LIKE hats! I still couldn't find a hat that called to me. I had a couple of beanies that I really liked but not any "hatty" kind of hat. You know, with a brim and not like a baseball cap or beanie. (Not that beanies or b-ball caps are really ~boring~ but they are somehow not in my head in the category of what a *hat* is.)

A while ago I found this hat. I tried it on, and I fell in love. It fit me and a had a good brim and even had a nice little tie around the bucket part of the hat. I have worn it a fair amount and I really like how it completes an outfit. It adds a lil something that you can't get with any other accessory. I don't know. I like it.



  1. I was the same way for so long! I felt so weird in hats! Now I love them as long as they fit right. I've got a big forehead, haha

    I love that hat on you! Great outfit :)

  2. soml, soml. i'm the MOST awkward person when wearing a hat. maybe because i'm very aware and scared that it might fly away. anyways, you're PERFECT and i'm sure you can make every hat look motherfuckin perfecto.

    gotta go, replying ur snap

  3. You've got amazing style and the hat looks perfect on you. I love your tights as well


  4. those leggings are SO good i might just have to make myself pair.lso the flashing midi thing you have going on really suits you :) xx

  5. I just simply LOVE this ! xxx

  6. omg ulrikke's comment

    'scared that it might fly away' i fucking love her.

    ok. so listen. i miss the shit out of you ALREADY. you look perfect. this is ACTUALLY a perfect outfit, and i already came up with an outfit inspired by this which i texted you last night. gotta wear that thang. your mom has perfect taste in clothes cuz those leggings are da bomb dot com.

    perfect hat on a perfect lady.