Tie Dye Mess

Today I met a black cat at the park with John Fellows and I got a lavender vanilla shake boba.

These sweet 100% tie dye pics are from when I was in Los Angeles. They are on the second floor of a grocery store parking ramp. Madeline took them.

green tie dye poncho jacket - santee alley, Los Angeles
blue dress worn as vest - vintage
dress - Tunnel Vision
lace shorts - American Apparel
jewelry - all got stolen the next day :(
boots - ebay

I forgot about this song but it came into my head and I found it again, still pretty much into it:



  1. there is a very good eyebrow situation going on in this post

  2. WHAT THE HELL ISABEL!!! This outfit is perfect, this dress is perfect (probs my fave thing you own everrr) YOU ARE JUST PERFECT

  3. This is tooooo good, everything ever should be tie dye. Need to hook you up with some tie dye socks, I'll have a word with the Thriftette guys when they're back off holiday!

  4. This outfit is too perfect! The dress reminds me of an awesome tie dye kaftan I have (and had forgotten about)- I'll definitely be whipping it out over summer! Tie dye never gets old, especially in the warmer months xx

  5. perfect, perfect, perfect as usual! This is the best combination, like ever! You've reminded me of a green tiedye vintage kimono I have-you would love! <3

    Omg sad your beautiful jewellery got stolen though that's rubbish! xxx