Mid July


I am about to leave on a huge long trip to New Mexico and some other places too... but it is not all certain yet. It will be a big road trip with my family, so I am really looking forward to it! 


This top is from American Deadstock:

pants & belt - thrift
boots - ebay

I recently saw Much Ado About Nothing, and absolutely loved it. I haven't seen such a good movie in a long time! I was uncertain I would like it because it is set in modern times but all the dialect is Shakespearean, also the whole film is in black and white. After a little while I got used to the Old English talking, and it really goes well.. I loved it. I have already seen it twice in theaters.

The song "Sigh No More" (which, director Joss Whedon composed using Shakespearean phrases and poems from the original Much Ado script) plays during a garden masquerade party scene, it was during this scene that I really fell in love with the film. Here is that song:



  1. you are such a dream~~ this is a perfect outfit. love love love your top and ESPECIALLY your anklet! omg!

  2. Oh my god this is beyond perfect Isabel!!!

  3. sick jewelry/eyebrow game you got going on girl!!! can you ship everything to me? entire outfit + eyebrows + you??

  4. that crop top!!! and your hair is awesome


  5. I hope you have a wonderful time in New Mexico ! The song is great ! xx