The Dude's Admirer

I am watching my favorite movie right now as I am writing this here post. The Big Lebowski!
I wish to be like the Dude. The Dude is a very good human; he is chill, lives the life, does his thing, doesn't worry about much. He does the side hustle pretty hard; always while wearing comfy clothes.
I try to be more like the Dude. I am a side hustler, and I also try to wear comfy clothes. I often wear something that is comfortable enough to sleep in, carry a backpack that has items prepared for wherever the day takes me, and have some long flowy jacket type things that I could easily use as a blanket, and my backpack is comfy enough to use as a pillow. These things come in handy.

Patchwork dress - Santee Alley
Bag - Vintage
Boots - DIY

~The Dude~



  1. Whaaaat, that bag is insane.

  2. Omg I thought for a second that the band-aid on your nail on your index finger was a fake nail and then I realized it was a band-aid and the rush of joy in my body slowly sept away. A v good blog post (both text + outfit + good azz gif).

  3. You should also wear jelly shoes and start going bowling. You'd be 87% more Dude-like if you did so

  4. hi i love you
    you're da bess.

  5. THE DRESSS it looks amazin' on you !