Remember how I said I am going to be sharing some of my recent favorite songs here on this blog? Well, here is one that is perfect. It is pretty long but every part of it is worth listening to so.... listen as you read/look at the rest of this post. 

These pictures were taken in Española, New Mexico which is the city that is closest to the place I was camping at for two weeks. Española is a pretty cool place.. Mostly what I like doing in Española is checking out the really sweet low riders/cars with really big wheels, what are those called? The low riders sometimes have lights underneath them so at nighttime it looks like the cars are floating. There is also really nice graffiti everywhere, as you can see below.

top/dress & skirt - Santa Fe flea market
mesh top -  c/o American Deadstock
boots - Vintage from Flea Market
hat - Santa Fe

 Have a nice week!



  1. Very nice!
    I've never been to New Mexico before, just actual Mexico, hahah.
    I know what you're talking about with the low riders, but I forgot what those lights are called. Those were really popular in my old neighborhood around 2006.

    And I love your outfit too btw! Beautiful photos.

  2. Beautiful look ! This wall painting looks like your tatoo !

  3. Love the pictures ! New Mexico seems like a nice place ! xx

  4. Holy crap, those boots are too good to be true! What a lucky find! :D