Street Markets and Roadtrips

Tomorrow morning I leave this little Canadian town. After almost a month of travel my parents and I will be heading home. It has been an amazing time, but I am really excited to see my lil baby (Monster).

Today my parents and I were heading out for a hike after watching a movie during brunch. We were all dressed and rearing to go (I was even in tennis shoes!) when we saw a little Farmer's Market/Street Fair... So, naturally we decided to postpone our hike and check it out. 

After a bag of mini donuts and a fair amount of walking we headed back to our favorite booth to check out the art we had liked. By the time we left it was late enough in the day that I was too tired for a hike (wandering around a bunch of booths is really tiring, guys. Trust me.) So I went home. 

Here are some photos from a few weeks ago (hi, yes, that's me the terrible blogger who has a million pictures still to upload.)

top & sunglasses - c/o American Deadstock
skirt & glasses - vintage

Well, there you have it folks.



  1. You look so pretty! (:

  2. Oh my GAWWWWWD. You're in Canada?!?! VISIT MEEEE. You're probably far away from where I am, it's a big country....but the sentiment remains. Looking babely as always my dear!


  3. Your hair is so AMAZING!!