Cowboy Boots, Diamonds, Silver

I've been eating gluten free for the past week, my grandma has Celiac disease and I am worried it might be affecting me too. It has been a tough week - I only ate gluten twice (which is really quite a big accomplishment for me because I love crackers, chips, toast, cereal, graham crackers, oreos...). I really hope that if I start eating gluten again I will not get sick.. Anyways, that's whats up with me. Whats up with you?

These pictures are from West Texas, when I was visiting for my cousin's wedding:

everything is vintage

This guy who I am with is my cousin Eli. When I lived in Portland, OR we spent tons of time together. He is one of the best humans on this planet and I miss him everyday. Also, he fits into all of my grandpa's old clothes - so yes, here are some great pants my grandpa used to wear golfing. haaay!

Have a good Friday!



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  2. Awesome pants party!