My shirt smells like you & I want to cry

I have been traveling nonstop lately - this morning I left Colorado to come back *home* (Minneapolis). I had plans to get caught up on work (don't worry Calyn, I did work) but I found myself feeling weird all afternoon. Dragging along, thick brain sludge, exhaustion. I have been traveling almost half of the time since I moved from LA back to Minneapolis (childhood city).

I spent the afternoon looking at my LA friends' blogs. Last night I showed my boyfriend countless pictures of California people saying "this is my friend ____, they are so great!!" and then scroll…scroll.. "oh!! this girl is so amazing, I love her!!" scroll.. scroll.. scroll "this rad lady lives in LA but I haven't met her yet". I think I am having the LA blues. The vast majority of my friends live there. Tons of opportunity lives there as well. Also; dogs, shell houses, tons of my friends' businesses, vegan sushi, the flea market, and that silly liberal yuppie street where we got bagels…

I feel like LA is calling my name.

Meanwhile I am back in Minneapolis confused and missing Colorado. Am I allowed to live in twenty different places? Can I live in an RV? Will I find a million dollars so I can do everything I want? Ugh. Doubtful.

How does everything fit together?

Hangloose Crop Top - c/o Cow Vintage
Skirt, choker, & boots - vintage

I am going to get it all together. Things are hard but looking up. I feel positive about the future. Good things are afoot in the circle K.


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