Jesus Lace

Hey dere amigo. The other day I dyed my hair pink and purple - you can check it out on my instagram if you want. or not. These are from a while ago, and this is my favorite hair color I've had yet. This top is the bomb, I am actually wearing it backwards here.. cuz I like the image better in the front. I am super into bell bottoms lately and these are SUPER rad ones (from Miracle Eye). I basically want tons of bell bottoms till I can't handle it no mo. Plz. Thx. 

 top - little shop in el mercado central
bag - gift
lace bell bottoms - Miracle Eye
boots - vintage gift

Hope you have a nice week, baybeeee.



  1. oh you are such a babe and your choker is fab

  2. you are a hair chameleon! love any colour on you

  3. i'm always in love with your outfits, well done pretty lady!!