Happy holidays! 
Christmas-time is always very busy around my household; advent services, celtic worship, Christmas Eve services, and all the preparation that goes into this season. It is a really nice time to work in a church; people are extra cheerful, poinsettias fill the tables and floors, greens hang along the walls, a huge Christmas tree is placed for all to see, and people enjoy and share sweets galore. Many of these practices were not part of the "original" Nativity scene, but I have to admit it, these traditions really help the feeling of Christmas come to life. 

My whole family (brother, brother's girlfriend sister, quasi-sister, mother, father, grandmother) are all coming together to attend the Christmas Eve services and celebrate the holiday. We will gather together at my parents house tomorrow morning and eat waffles and coffee cake. The day is filled with exchanging gifts, sitting around the fire, hanging out with our cats, eating delicious food, playing board games, and calling relatives who are not physically with us. As we get older holiday traditions begin to differ; family both grows and shrinks, and the focus transitions from presents to quality time with loved ones. 

These are from a while back, but they feel a little Christmas-y to me, but maybe that's just because everything feels vaguely Christmas-ish right now.

jacket, pants, boots - vintage
camo top - The Cobra Shop

Happy Holidays to you - I hope whatever you are celebrating this season is full of joy!


  1. I love your attitude in these shots, you're a babe. Hope it was a Merry Christmas for you!