Floral Ombre Patchwork Diaries

I just got home from a short trip to Los Angeles. I spent time with my boyfriend and almost all of my LA friends. It was super great to see everyone but the time went by so quickly.. I felt like I should have been there a few days longer at least. Madeline was kind enough to let my boyfriend and I stay in her Koreatown apartment, which was perfect as it is close to the metro and buses. Everyday my boyfriend and I spent time with a different friend or family member. We ate at four of the most delicious vegan restaurants in LA (in order: Shojin, Doomies, My Vegan, Sage). We ate like kings the whole trip which was awesome because I love eating. XD

Because my name is Isabel and I run this blog... these photos are from forever ago! They are from my boyfriend's trip to Minneapolis. I kind of separate time out by when I have been with my boyfriend, either in LA, Minneapolis, Lyons, Denver, New Mexico, etc. Anyway, these photos were taken outside my FAVORITE place in Minneapolis - the Riverview Theater. 

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Man, my hair looks cool here. It is now very faded but the same general idea, but with shorter bangs. The other night I mentioned that I wanted to trim my bangs and my dad said "Oh, no! They were just getting normal length" and then I chopped them off completely.

Hope you are having a lovely week!



  1. Every time I look at you you get more and more beautiful. <3

  2. You are my patchwork dream queen! And I must admit, the comment your boyfriend left you is just too adorable! love you bby <3 <3

  3. That dress is amaazzizngg!!