Rosy Night Sky

On Christmas I watched Fargo for the first time. It is a bit gruesome, but it is totally clever, woman positive, and creative. The plot is great, the actors are great, the movie is... great. I thought it was good timing seeing as I was heading to Brainerd (where a majority of the film takes place) the day after Christmas. 

It is freezing (actually, below freezing) and people do talk with thick Minnesotan accents and dialect. My family is staying in a lodge with a bunch of close family friends. I don't really like going "into town" because most small towns freak/weird me out, but I am thoroughly enjoying my time by the fire, eating goodies, interneting, and talking with good friends and family.

Thank goodness I take so long to blog photos cuz right now it is almost impossible to get good quality blog photos due to the sun going down early, it being freezing, and the presence of snow everywhere...

These are from probably two months ago:

I will be selling this jacket on Tunnel Vision soon!
everything is vintage

I will be back home on Monday. I am looking forward to getting back into my routine before going on another trip to Colorado January 8th - 15th. I am quite looking forward to my trip, but also am thoroughly enjoying my work for both the church I reception for and for Tunnel Vision. Life is good. I hope you've been having a lovely week, that you are relaxing, and that you are enjoying life.


  1. That's so weird, because I watched Fargo on Christmas, too! The Cohen brothers never disappoint ❤❤❤