Heavy Metal Crush

Recently I've become really into hats. I have purchased 3 faux fur hats, 1 grandma-squares crochet hat, 2 decorated winter hats, 1 knit Guatemalan hat, a pink alien beanie... the list goes on. IDK I am really into hats right now. DEAL WITH IT. No, but seriously, send me all your hats.

Example A:

super amazing hat - c/o Heavy Metal Boyfriend
top - c/o American Deadstock
everything else - vintage

This hat was the hat that jump started my obsession. It also began my obsession with the all rad, all perfect woman run small business Heavy Metal Boyfriend. I mean, that name says it all. I already knew off the bat they were bad ass chicks, and then looking at their description on instagram? "Stage and streetwear made by 3 witch sisters" ok, yeah, I already love you. It's been a magical romance ever since. 


Happy weekend!!