Wet Hair


These were taken in Los Angeles by my bestie, Lari. We went to get bubble tea with my boyfriend and had a pleasant time in K-town. I miss all of my friends in Los Angeles immensely which causes me inner turmoil. California is full of friends and opportunity, but I think LA is too chaotic for me. It's hard because I want to be there, and I want to be here, in Minneapolis. Blehh.

Enjoy these photos of my hair when it is in the horrible partially dry/partially wet stage:

shirt - from Selena
pants - from mom
necklace - from grandmother

Lovely, right? My hair is pretty terrible when it is air drying (I think it's because I have no layers). The hairs sort of form this floofy triangular shape with the top still wet, and the ends (which are a bit fried and split) are dried and poofing out. Love it.

In other news, it's -36 degrees F (-38 degrees C) in Minneapolis with windchill.
*insert cool sunglasses emoji here*

Ok, going to go freeze now.

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  1. Awesome outfit ♡