Geometric Carpet Flower

This past week has been busy; my boyfriend was in town, my (surrogate) sister's (Britt) birthday happened, and so did my own birthday. On March 29th my family had a big combo birthday dinner for both Britt and me. We had artichokes, and olive bread, and tons of other delicious things to eat.. and for dessert we had mud! Mud is the most amazing chocolate pudding ever; whipped cream, gummy worms, and crumbled oreos all mixed together. Srsly my favorite food to eat. YUM.

My actual birth date is March 31st. I took the day off from work and went out to breakfast with my boyfriend (which is one of my most favorite things to do). We then went to a thrift store, and took blog photos. We also went out to dinner with my mom at this amazing Mexican restaurant in St. Paul. And!! there was a rainbow!

I took these photos a while ago, when it was -12 degrees F (-24 C). I was determined to take the pics because Madeline had just posted a picture on instagram saying how cold it was in LA (it was 59 degrees). hehehe. That's the Minnesotan in me, I guess. 


hat - vintage
baseball tee - Gypsy Stardust
jacket - Goldmine Vintage; Boulder, CO

I am SUPER into vintage baseball tees right now.. There are so many good ones out there too. Here are a few of my top favorites right now: one, two, three.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Happy Bday! I really like absolutely everything about this outfit.

  2. I've really been loving baseball tees too! When I go to thrift stores they never seem to have them. Either all of the good ones get snatched up or people just don't want to let them go. Anyway, this outfit is cute!