I would like to keep up with blogging regularly, but I've had a few challenges lately. I have struggled with figuring out what to write. I want to produce posts that I feel proud of. I want unique content; more than just outfit photos. I hope people feel inspired when viewing I Fly a Starship. I want to compel readers to dig deeper into my creation. When I look back through previous entries it is always gratifying to see that I have grown and changed. I want to make sure to continue to grow; I do not want to stay stagnant. I am going to try and keep up with frequent posting, because it feels good putting energy into something that I love. 

I recently went to LA and had A LOT of fun. I saw many friends and made some new ones as well. When I lived in LA (and on my previous trips) my days were always chaotic. I was so stressed out by all the people and all the activity that goes on 24/7 in LA. This time around I was able to stay out of the craziness due to a wonderful housing situation. My friend lives outside of the city and her neighborhood is gorgeous and quiet. It was wonderful to be able to begin and end the day in a peaceful environment. I think that the relaxed feel of where I was staying greatly helped me enjoy the trip to the fullest capacity.

When I lived in LA my apartment was in a very busy part of town and I always felt exhausted by the nonstop activity. I love that there is so much going on but being able to have a calm home was such a help. It made me re-think my feelings about living in LA. After this trip it seems like residing in LA could be a possibility for me again, if I lived outside of the city in a more secluded neighborhood. I have not made up my mind to move, but the idea is in my mind mulling about..

dress, boots, jacket - vintage
crochet shawl - c/o WAISTE

Soon I will post a few previews of some of the modeling work I did while in LA. Stay tuned!

Have a good week!



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  2. You look awesome! I especially love the lacey floral dress :-)
    I've been thinking the same as well about blogging! There's so much satisfaction and fun to be felt when making frequent blog posts, and getting great feedback + new friends as a result. ♥
    Glad you had a great stay in LA! And please do move out here so I can see your cute self more often ;D

    Love ya,

  3. I always feel inspired by I Fly A Starship. I love your charisma and style! I've always wanted to try to live in LA myself. It's really awesome that you got the chance to live outside the city. A peaceful living environment is always comforting. :)

  4. I struggle with this too. Sometimes I'm feeling very inspired to write and create, but more often I feel like what I have to say is not compelling enough to go on the internet. I think sometimes it's hard to feel honest, without reviling too much or on the opposite spectrum, seeming too edited. Whenever I'm feeling this way I try and remember that sometimes you just have to put stuff out there and hope that someone feels the same way or becomes inspired. This post inspired me that I'm not alone in not knowing what to say, but I always like reading your blog and what you have to say!


  5. I feel really inspired when I see your outfits Isabel! They're colourful and unique and your boots and rings are always so rad. Keep up the good work, you've motivated me to keep growing too

  6. You look gorgeous, I love your rings and your nail laquer
    www.margotgarage.blogspot.i this is my page I hope that you like it!!
    you're an inspiration <3

  7. Your hair is amazing as always and I love the green and blue printed vest. One of the reasons I didn't open my blog yet is my difficulty to write creative posts and original content (and i'm not confident with my english too), but I think your style is very inspiring already.