Tie Dye Rainbow Queen

Happy Monday, friends!

Listen to this amazing song while you read this post. MOST. FAVORITE. EVER.

Yesterday was one of the Pride Festival days in the Twin Cities. It's sort of funny because I often wear 100% rainbow outfits (case in point with this #ootd post, photos from a month ago), but everyone thought I was dressed especially rainbow-ly for the Pride Parade. XD

I went out to breakfast with one of my good friends, Jake, at my favorite breakfast place in Minneapolis, The Bad Waitress. Last time I went to get breakfast there I tried a caramel coffee malt, which blew my mind away, and so OBVI I got it this time around, and promptly forgot it in the to go cup when we left. Boohoo.

Jake and I walked to the Pride Festival and sat together and people watched. Minneapolis doesn't have that many fashion-y inclined people, but it was still fun to watch those who had dressed up for the occasion. The park, where the festival was held, was incredibly crowded so Jake and I didn't venture too far in. In years past I have wandered through the booths, watched performances, and have eaten delicious fried foods. This year I felt pretty overwhelmed by the crowds and didn't want to become squished, or get really sweaty from being around so many people.. In my old age (haha) I've started to get tired more easily from crowds and large events. 

These photos are from a little while back, featuring my favorite tee and shorts. EVER:

earrings - Marina Fini 
faux fur bag - Wenopia
top - vintage
shorts - Bad Vibes from Tunnel Vision
socks -Sox Appeal
Sneakers - YRU from Dolls Kill

Oooh! Haha! I've just realized these photos were taken after I tried that caramel coffee malt from the Bad Waitress for the first time!! AND if you want to see what that delicious concoction looks like you can see a picture from Instagram HERE. Yauuumm!!

Have a lovely week, enjoy the weather, hug your pets, and send good vibes to the world.



  1. This.is.perfect. Everything about this makes me feel happy!


  2. Besides the crowds, hope you had a great time at Pride! I really wish I could've gone to the one here in LA but being broke and carless is no joke lol. I love this outfit so much! It's just hypnotizing me the more I look at it. The shorts are amazing and the platforms are great! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  3. that clutch bag is EVERYTHINGGGG xx

  4. I love when you wear this kind of shorts!! you r so hot <3

  5. dream shirt and bag combo <3