Speedy September

Yesterday I said that I would post this, but you know, I didn't. It's still morning here so maybe it is yesterday somewhere today? Hah! I am just trying to make some excuse for posting late. I really, really am trying to post regularly. 

I have been quite busy lately. I am pushing to get Tunnel Vision's Hottie With A Body section to be jampacked with awesome threads. For the past two weeks I have been scouring the internet and the streets for killer new and vintage plus size clothes. I am on the lower end of plus size and even for me it is hard to find totally amazing clothes that fit me EASILY. I feel for all you big babes out there!!

So much of *plus size* fashion is weird bat-wing slouchy oversized long tops/tunics in boring fabric. WHO WANTS THAT BESIDES MIDDLE AGE MOMS!? (Nothing wrong with middle age moms, or anyone who wants to wear weird bat-wing slouchy oversized long tops/tunics in boring fabric... you do you *fist pump*) I am just wanting to be able to find cute crop tops, form fitting dresses, mini skirts, etc.. that FIT. There are tons of online shops that sell new and vintage items that I LOVE, but most of the sizes stop at large! I can sometimes fit into that, but I am TIRED of having to squuueeeeze my way into something, and shimmy on pants that baaarellyyy fit!

I am dreaming of clothing that will cater to the plus size psychedelic girls, grungey hippies, and techno babes who have been SEARCHING for one location where they can go for all their clothing desires!

Keep watching my blog and instagram to stay up to date with our Hottie With A Body progress!!!


dress & belt - vintage
Indian flats - gift from Taylor and Caitlan

Hope you have a good week - and make sure to keep up with the latest Tunnel Vision info at their instagram: @shoptunnelvision


  1. I love the belt and shoes on this outfit. I really like your pictures especially tunnel vision ones, cause i'm on my plus size transition phase and its really hard to accept me wearing cropped tops and things like that. You inspire me!

  2. I think those shoes are the most perfect pair of shoes to ever exist. And, I am so behind you girl on the whole plus size thing. I cannot wait to see the start of this vintage clothing revolution!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  3. You always have the best colors!!!

  4. I love those shoes and dress together <3