Sunset of Myself

It's been a month since I last posted aaaand not much has changed for me. I went to LA about two weeks ago and shot with Madeline for Tunnel Vision and hung out with friends. I've been working a lot of Tunnel Vision's plus size section which has been super fun. Hopefully we will get some more models for that section soon so that we wont have to wait for me to visit to model! I've got so much more vintage and some awesome new pieces too that I can't wait to show everyone! It's hard to find perfect items in plus sizes because BOO the fashion industry sucks at that! But, I am doing what I can to source the coolest duds around.

RuPaul Tie Dye Tee - c/o Firme Arte
Bad Vibes Shorts & Shaggy Jacket - Tunnel Vision

This outfit contains some of the best things ever - this Firme Arte Rupaul tie dye tee (OMG, yes!!), my fav Bad Vibes Shorts, and this Daisy choker from one of my favorite Etsy shops; Spacetrash. Pretty much a ton of sunset colored tie dye goodness. Yes, yes, yessss!
Happy Friday!

- Isabel


  1. I love that jacket, and the rainbow sandals and general colours in your outfit. Also your lipstick is on point <3