Dragons, Velvet, Tattoo Chokers

Happy belated Halloween! I hope you had a good halloween fun time. Isn't it nice to have everyone dress up?? I wish people would do that more on a regular basis..

Most items in my closet are vintage, but I've started to collect some super awesome handmade pieces. One company that I love is Miracle Eye. Pretty much all of my pants are made by Miracle Eye, and they are all amazing. These are the Gold Matador Black Velvet Bells which you can purchase here. Seriously, you should check out the whole shop, cuz it's full of perfect handmade items.

tattoo chokers - Tunnel Vision
pants - Miracle Eye
boots & top - vintage

Enjoy ya week! I'll be busy doing Tunnel Vision-y stuff.. listing vintage and plus size pieces, going through vintage that I've sourced recently, and measuring tons of stuff. Busy bee, busy me! 

- Isabel


  1. ISABEL! Far-freakin-out you are amazing, and when you wear shit like this it makes my imagination explode and my body confidence sky rocket because you are so beautiful, and lush, and that halter was made to go with those bells

    i love the hell out of you (sorry for the word vomit)

  2. Those pants are amazing! And oh wow that eye clutch. Swooning all over!