Managing Time Like A Grownup

I have a goal to be able to live off of what I make by doing fashion and internet related work (blogging, modeling, styling, and working with Tunnel Vision). I still need to have a part time job to supplement my income, but I am taking steps towards this dream. I value doing work that makes me feel fulfilled rather than working a job that I hate just to make more money. I think this is a healthy way to live life, but it requires a fair amount of planning.

I've started scheduling my day-to-day calendar thoroughly, as well as making weekly to-do lists. I have lots to do still, but both of these techniques have been a major help on my road to my dream jobs. No matter what your aspirations are you've got to have a plan to get there. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I've found some really nice FREE (key word haha!) templates and sites that help you start organizing your time, and since I am oh-so friendly I decided to share them with you. Super-duper useful time management tools:

An amazing to do list/calendar/organizer all in one (free, cuz duh, I am cheap and you probably are too)

Blogger specific tips that I found super helpful from The Blog Maven

✿ Keep a Planner 
Remember in Middle School when you had to write down all your homework, tests, due dates, etc? I know it doesn't sound SUPER thrilling to keep a planner, but like, WOW, so helpful. Seeing my days written out is super helpful for me - maybe it will be for you too? (Feelin' cheap? Me too! Here's a bunch of printable planner templates: HERE)

✿ Prioritizing 1-3 Must-Do Projects Per Day 
Each day I will look at the things I hope to accomplish and I will choose 1-3 things that are most important to finish (this seems obvious while I am writing it down, but it never occurred to me and so my daily lists became really frustrating)

Here is proof that I have been putting my strategizing to work! I've edited and am posting outfit photos - go me! hehe.

Bucket hat - Flea Market (similar HERE)
Chokers - c/o Butterface (choker HERE)
Dress - vintage (similar HERE)
Faux Fur Handmade Boots - Feeling Vague Vintage (boots HERE)

I hope you found this post helpful and I hope you have a super fabulous week!

Keep in touch - you can always email me with questions, comments, whatevah.

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