Tropical Orange Tie Dye

When I put this outfit on I basically grabbed whatever looked brightest and voila! This cardigan has toucans, parrots, and other tropical images embroidered on it (heck yes). Then I grabbed my amazing tie dye Rio Warner halter top and vintage orange print pants from Tunnel Vision to perfect this ensemble of sunny joy. I've attached links to every available clothing item under the last photo so you, too, can own some bright colored goodness.

jacket & slides - vintage
pants - vintage Tunnel Vision

It's now pretty cold in Minneapolis, so no more bare skin, or lightweight sweaters.. It's all about the layering. I am going to look back and reminisce on warmer weather when the ground is piled miles high with snow.. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy the snow and winter, but you really can't wear whatever you want when you are trying to keep from getting frostbite.. 

Take care and have a nice rest of your week.