'90s Goth Riot Grrl's Take On Christmas

❄ Wintery Greetings!! 

I have been getting ready for one of my favorite holidays of the year - Christmas! Trying to find special presents for my family, listening to Christmas music, and waiting for Christmas morning. I will be spending time with my immediate family, as well as my grandma (she lives with me)! Many holidays feel similar to other days of the year, but for me Christmas always has felt unique - a day set apart from all the rest. Maybe it's because my family is always exhausted by the time Christmas day finally arrives, or maybe because the city feels quieter than usual, or maybe because it is such an important day to so many people.. Whatever the reason, Christmastime always feels special to me.

To all of you who don't celebrate Christmas - I hope you get to spend the day doing something fun (we can all use more days off)!! I also apologize for how in-your-face Christmas feels. I am thinking of you!

CLOTHES: divinity choker - c/o Firme Arte, vintage leather bustier - c/o Medusa Moderna Vintage, vintage plaid skirt - c/o Alacloth, vintage pleather & faux fur jacket - Tunnel Vision (buy it HERE)

I normally wear 100% rainbow outfits but, as you can see, I was feelin' 90s goth riot grrl. Faux fur collar, leather bustier, plaid skirt, chunky 90s vintage boots, and obviously the best choker ever! Every piece in this outfit is significant to me.
The first time I saw this choker on Firme Arte's instagram account I went a little insane. I LOVE religious iconography and 90s tattoo chokers, so naturally I fell in love! Duh!
My vintage bustier from Medusa Moderna Vintage is freakin' rad too of course! The look of the bustier is spot on and it comes from a totally cool online vintage shop! (win - win for Isabel) After many a lonely night searching for a classic look plaid mini skirt, I finally found the one! When I looked to see where the shop was located, I found it is in Minneapolis too! Alacloth has awesome vintage goods, and on top of that I have made a new friend (Ania the owner) in my hometown! Yayyyy!
See what I mean? There is so much good behind every item in this outfit. Madeline's amazing Tunnel Vision vintage jacket (which is still available HERE) was the perfect match to this outfit. And, as always, my faithful chunky vintage boots finished the look off well.

I am pretty stoked on how these photos came out, and hopefully you are too! Hehe, now go and get your rrrriot grrl on!

- Isabel

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