Custom Sizing is Awesome

Hello there, world!

This floral patterned dress is from eShakti. eShakti (FacebookPinterest & Twitter) is an online shop that allows you to custom size, and custom design certain aspects of their items. For instance, this dress could have had different lengths for the hem, for the sleeves, and for the neckline. You can also choose if you want pockets, and a bunch of other things. Obviously I added pockets, cuz who doesn't love a dress with pockets??!

CLOTHES: jacket - Tunnel Vision; available HERE, dress - c/o, studded vintage renewed boots - Medusa Moderna
FACE/HAIR: High Voltage ClassicsManic Panic, Eden Matte Lipstick - NYX Cosmetics

I really like it when shops allow you to customize clothes to be exactly your measurements. I used to think that ordering custom sized clothing wouldn't make much of a difference in fit/comfortability. Oh, how wrong I was.. The difference you feel in wearing custom clothing is pretty awesome; having clothes that fit perfectly- not a little too big here, a little loose there... (we've all been there, right? or have you all been tailoring your clothes forever and I am just really lazy/cheap?)

Now that I have multiple items in my wardrobe that are made for me, it's kinda hard to go back! Most shops that hand make their items will custom size if you contact them about it (often at little or no extra cost). Some of my favorite shops that do this are: Miracle Eye, Tunnel Vision, Isolate Heroes, I ♥ DIY by Panida, Home Cooked Karma. I totally recommend asking your favorite shops if they do custom sizing, super worth it!!

Have a nice week!



  1. Isabel, after following you for years now (its been years!) Im always amazed at your transformations. You are the most gorgeous, adorable angel baby in the bloggerworld. Love your funk, sass and cuteness xo

  2. omg I totally agree that having the right style or shape of a dress is the best feeling and pretty much a deal breaker for me in most cases- and your totally right about the custom orders things when approaching designers. If enough people do it as well, consumer demand results in the brand changing their business model which is totally awesome!

  3. Wow that's so cool!! I definitely have to check that shop out. Even though I can sew everything I NEVER make anything for myself haha. But dresses with pockets are one of my personal favorites as well. Usually dresses for me will be too small around the bust & too big around the hips.