Sleepyhead Grrrl

 Fun fact about me: 
I have a rare sleep condition called "idiopathic hypersomnia". To put it simply, my brain doesn't recognize when I have slept and doctors cannot find out why. Even with medication I am still in a constant state of exhaustion. Last year I did a sleep study and tomorrow I am going to the Mayo Clinic for another one. I am hoping that the doctors at Mayo Clinic will add something to my diagnosis, or treatment plan.

Super awesome, right? Yeah... not so much, but let's move onto something happier.

Pretty outfit photos!!

CLOTHES: glasses - See Eyewear,  butterfly and daisy choker - Marina Fini (make sure to order from her soon cuz she is about to close up shop!!), optical intrusion bustier - Evil Twin, pants - vintage (similar here), patchwork jacket - vintage (similar here)

My pants and jacket are vintage from my mom! She wore them all the time when I was a little kid, so they bring me lots of nostalgia. I hate storing clothes that I barely wear but don't want to give away because I have memories tied to them. These pants and jacket are super bomb cuz I like them and they are sentimental to me!! Do you have any items in your closet like that?

I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying your day and doing something fun. (Like, maybe not going to a hospital for a couple days...) Wish me luck on my hospital visit!!


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  1. Insta follower @scoff_lawl here. Firstly thank you so much for the thoughtful post about my pup passing. I had just found your account days before and am very inspired by you. Good luck with the hospital tests. As someone who struggles with a list of ailments daily, finally having a solid diagnosis and understanding of what's going on in your brain/body can be helpful in itself. Love and strength to ya grrrl!

  2. I have pants like that ones in black, that belonged to my grandmother, my mom used them while she was pregnant of me and my sissies and I use them now! I love them and they are perfect although they have at least 18 years... they fall in a lovely way and make me so happy...
    Good luck with your tests honey ! Love ypur insta ♡

  3. Good luck at the hospital gal! I hope they can tell you something useful. And yeah I totally have items in my wardrobe that are sentimental but I just never wear but dont want to get rid of - perhaps I should just fuck it and actually start wearing them eh? Loving this entire outfit especially the pants. I wish I was tall enough to wear pants like that without having to adjust them haha. Big love x

    Cats In Crop Tops

  4. Wahh your mom has amazing clothes! I hope they figure out some way to help you at the clinic bb! Sending love from MN <3

  5. Love this hair color! <3

  6. Wish you the best of luck ❤ I can't imagine what your going through but I was hit by a SUV while riding my bike last week so I been bedridden for the past week & a half & it sucks. :/ All we can do is hope for the best!! Truly hope you fee better!

  7. I love the jacket on this outfit!
    Hope you get better with your sleep :)