Fuzzy, Furry, and Content

I am pretty much obsessed with my faux coonskin cap. I feel like it makes every outfit go from "meh" to "oooh yeah". I fell in love with coonskin caps when my friend, Madeline, started to wear one in like, every. other. outfit post on her blog (example). This was about the time that my hat infatuation began. There came a point in my hat-possessed days when I would accost strangers about their cool hats, "HEY! YOU! NO - DON'T LEAVE! GIMME YOUR HAT". Scary. (Albeit; not actually very frightening, pretty comical to passersby though, I am sure).

CLOTHES: coonskin cap - thrifted (similar HERE)divinity choker & "like, you know, whatever" yin-yang necklace- c/o Firme Arte, vintage dress - vintage (similar HERE), cardigan - vintage (similar HERE), boots - vintage (soon to be sold by me!! keep an eye out!!)

This outfit has the key component that I require for any "good" outfit; it is comfortable enough to fall asleep in. In fact, I'm pretty sure I took an extended nap in this outfit (reminder - I have idiopathic hypersomnia so exhaustion is ever present in my day-today).

This essential element to my wardrobe is not for everyone, and I completely respect that. Some really freakin' cool clothes are just not that comfortable. I have to steer clear from buying confining items because I know I will never wear them! That's also why I donate clothing if they are even a tiny bit too small for me. You'll seldom find me in restrictive clothing, non-giving fabric, or shoes I can't walk well in. I often wear a sweater, kimono, or fluffy jacket so I can curl up and fall asleep wherever I want, whenever I want. *inserts a-ok emoji hand here*
I hope you have a nice week, and remember, stay comfy (if that's your thing). 

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  1. I love the colours in this look! It's very warm and autumnal. Also your tattoo choker is rad the charms are cute!

  2. that hat is soo cute! I wish I could invest in them a bit more tho :)


  3. Great outfit! ^-^


  4. This look is amazing. I'm also the same with comfy clothes- like sleeves, tight waistbands? Out. I don't wear jeans for that very reason now- my fav piece of clothing is a lime green wool shift dress that's too big for me! Very good napping in. I too have sleep problems... Hm.

  5. This is such a cute outfit - you're the most adorable little button. And hell yes to comfy outfits, which for me would normally involve tights. They're so comfy and not as restricting as jeans or leggings.

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